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As revealing as card readings can be in terms of circumstances and situations, your card reading from Mama Rue's Head & Hand is NOT to be used or construed as medical, legal, psychological or financial advice. Please take those concerns to the proper local, licensed professionals. Card readings from Mama Rue's Head & Hand are provided for entertainment purposes only.  


Understand that your privacy is taken very seriously at Mama Rue's Head & Hand, and your personal information gathered for the purposes of establishing contact, payments and delivery of goods and services will never be transferred, sold or loaned to any individual or organization. I hold confidentiality and discretion in high regard. 


All artwork and text within the pages of Mama Rue's Head & Hand are the intellectual property of the owners of Mama Rue's Head & Hand. No photographs or text may be copied and published in any format or medium without my explicit permission. 


By placing an order for a card reading or candle service from Mama Rue's Head & Hand, you are implicitly agreeing to these terms as stated above. Thank you for understanding.  

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