Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a card reading from you?

Simply click on the 'Readings' tab on the main page and select the type of reading you would like to have and add it to your cart. Proceed to the payment section. Once I recieve payment, I will send you a receipt reply email with further instructions.


Who are you?

I am an Afrikan-descended seer and diviner in my early-50's, born of Black American and South Asian parents. I live in a very old and highly spirited American four-square house in the city of Chicago. Illinois, USA. I am a G.R.I.T.S. (girl raised in the South, Mississippi and Alabama). I am a wife, mother, grandmother as well as commander of a feline army. I have been involved in spirituality, magic, rootwork and divination for over thirty years, though my mother acknowledged my spiritual gifts when I was just seven years old.  


Why is this place called "Mama Rue's Head & Hand"?

I chose the name Mama Rue because that is the name Spirit fed me. As for the "Head & Hand" part, consider that divination of any kind requires the use of the mind whether the tools used are combined with psychic intuition, spirit guidance or innate/acquired ability. It's also where the querent's question is formed. The cards are then shuffled, cut and laid out by the hands. And there you have it. 


Which cards do you use in the readings you offer here?

I am currently working with a Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, the Golden Tarot, the Crowley Thoth tarot deck, the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck, and the Murray Hope Way of the Cartouche Egyptian oracle cards deck. 


Can I choose a particular deck for a reading with you?

Yes, you may choose a particular deck of the three I use, however, please note that Spirit moves me towards a certain deck for most of my readings. For the most attuned reading, it is best to let things happen organically. 


Can I get a refund or a do-over if the reading is too negative, off or just plain wrong?

No. Refunds for readings or free "do-overs" are not issued under any circumstances. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the reading, you may simply order another after a bit of time, or seek out another card reader at your discretion. Several things can contribute to what may be perceived as inaccuracies (the practice of divination can involve 'snapshots' of your life's timeline, past, present and future. In many cases where the future is revealed, it is impossible for most clients to conceive of the information since it has yet to pass). There are no 100% guarantees here at Mama Rue's Head & Hand. I charge fees for the time and effort I put into your reading, analysis and written reports. As for negativity in readings, please be reminded that the cards can reveal things that can be potentially upsetting. Many choose not to have divination done for that reason alone, to avoid asking questions that they know they don't want the answers to. 


NOTE: Your purchase of a reading from Mama Rue's Head & Hand constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions as illustrated in the Disclaimer.


How do I know you are actually reading real cards versus using a computer program with meanings you can copy and paste into a report?

My readings are always performed with actual decks of cards using my intuition and skill. I take this practice very seriously, because like you, I, too, seek out readings from others and expect nothing less than authenticity. 


What are the "Recommendations" that you include in your readings? 

Since I perform readings from the viewpoint of a spiritual advisor, I offer the client ways in which to ameliorate the conditions or situations affecting their lives. For example, in a reading where money problems are revealed, the client may have negative energies associated with his job that contribute to his inability to obtain a raise or promotion, even though these are warranted and well-deserved. Based upon the cards that fall in the reading, I can devise a remedy for this situation to help the client overcome the obstacles in his way, ultimately clearing his path toward abundance.


It is entirely up to the client whether or not they choose to follow through with these recommendations, which normally consist of prayers, candle settings and spiritual cleansings that they can perform themselves in the comfort of their own homes. I provide these detailed instructions as a courtesy for all reading clients. In the rare event that the person's situation calls for more serious and complex spiritual work, I will recommend they see a specialist who can assist them with their needs. 


What if I can't or don't want to do the recommended work? Can I pay you to do it for me?

There are many reasons that support your doing your own prayers, your own spiritual cleansings and your own candle settings. However, it is understood that everyone's living situation is different and may not allow for such things as burning candles or incense, for example. As a courtesy, clients may request to be added to my daily prayers here at the Head & Hand. This service is always available and always complimentary with or without the purchase of a reading. Prayers done on your behalf should not be taken as a substitution to your own prayers or work; rather, they are spiritual boosts or nudges to help you along your path towards realization of of your goals. 


As for other types of spiritual work, several factors are taken into consideration about your situation that ultimately determine whether or not your case will be accepted. Should your case not be accepted, expect referrals to others who specialize in your particular situation. 


I got a reading, followed the recommendations, now what?

After at least three weeks following the time you did the recommended spiritual work, you may contact me for a check reading, or follow-up reading. This reading is a one-time service, complimentary with your reading purchase if you have received at least three readings from me. Otherwise, you may purchase a 4-Card Basic reading to check the status of your work.


Do you do readings over telephone or Skype? 

All readings are done over the phone. At this time, I do not offer Skype readings. 

Do you do email readings?

All readings done by Mama Rue are delivered over the phone. However, readings with Sister Coya are available via email.